Schnauzer Club of Victoria Inc

Up-Coming Shows




To be held under the rules and Regulations of the Victorian Canine Assoc. Inc.

A copy of the rules may be inspected at the office of the Secretary of the fixture


VENUE:                 Bulla Exhibition Centre, Uniting Lane Bulla


JUDGE:                      Mrs Elizabeth Gunter


CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES    Online Entries – Mon 18 Sep 2023– Show Manager                                                             Paper Entries – Fri 15 Sep 2023


ENTRIES & FEES SENT TO            Ms Stephanie Lumb, 27-29 Williams Road

Park Orchards Vic 3114

                                                            Phone: 0419 369 063

                                                            Email: [email protected]  or via Show Manager

Cheques made payable to Schnauzer Club of Vic Inc OR

VIA – Internet Banking at

Westpac Bank BSB 033.397 Acct 188160

Be sure to include your name and email your entry forms to the Show Secretary

Exhibitor Numbers to be collected on the day


JUDGING COMMENCES AT  10AM with Schnauzer (Giant), Schnauzer, Schnauzer (Miniature) 

CLASSES                                Dogs 1;2;3;4;5;8;10;11;12;18.

                                                Bitches 1a;2a;3a;4a;5a;8a;10a;11;12;18a.

NOTE                                      Classes 8 & 8a Limit is for dogs and bitches over 12 months of Age who have not gained enough points to qualify as Champion

CATALOGUE                         $5.00 to be pre-ordered and paid with entry fee

ENTRY FEES                          First Entry $15 Subsequent Entry $10, Baby Puppies $8.

                                                Two VCA Membership numbers means two first entries.

Note: Entries will not be accepted without payment

EXHIBIT NUMBERS              To be collected on the day

SPECIAL PRIZES                    Cash and Sash for all in Show Awards


RING STEWARD                    Robyn Price


VCA REP                                 TBA

Contact Details

Contact in the first instance:   [email protected]