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The Schnauzer is the original sheepdog of the Austrian Tyrol and not German, as is generally accepted.
The breed must have originated sometime before the 14th. century and, as far as can be determined, is the result of a cross between the Wolf Spitz and Wire Haired Pinscher and possibly the Black German Poodle. With means of communication more difficult in those days, it can be readily seen that the continued mating of these three breeds in an isolated community could result in a definite type of dog being established. This is generally accepted as the beginning of the breed we know today as the Schnauzer.
A Schnauzer appears in many paintings by Albert Durer, who is known to have owned one that is depicted in some of his works between 1492 and 1504.
Schnauzers are also depicted in many of Rembrandt’s paintings and a Lucas Crannack tapestry dated 1501.
Sir Joshua Reynolds, the great English painter, has also portrayed a Schnauzer during the 18th. century.
In Mecklenburg/Germany, there stands the statue of a hunter, dating from the 14th. century, with a Schnauzer at his feet. This Schnauzer closely resembles the exhibition Schnauzer seen today.
The medium height Schnauzer is the original. From records it appears that the three varieties of Schnauzer were developed purely from a utility point of view.
Shepherds were often away from home for months, tending their flocks and taking with them the dog. As a guard to the family during these periods, the smallest of the litters were left at home. These smaller specimens were mated to the Wire Haired Pinscher (smaller than a Schnauzer) producing a smaller replica of a Schnauzer. Subsequent matings from these soon produced the Miniature Schnauzer.
At the other end of the scale, the Shepherd and his family wanted a larger dog to guard the yard and outside buildings against intruders. The Schnauzer was crossed with a German Boar Hound (similar to a Great Dane) to achieve the Giant Schnauzer.
A Schnauzer has a superb temperament. The breed, by nature is an intelligent, biddable dog that desperately wants to please those it loves.
Loyal, devoted and quick to defend his family.
Commonly referred to as “the dog with the human brain” means that Schnauzers love to react with people. Chained, or kennelled, in the back yard, or left for long periods is not what this breed fancies.
In games, this dog can play as rough, or gentle as you wish, depending on who the playmate is.
The breed is not aggressive by nature, is slow to anger, but quick to defend.
A Schnauzer will bark at strangers initially, but tends to accept them once friendship has been determined.

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